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Proving that Innovation . Talent . Resources (Silicon Valley) exist in our OWN backyards

Let’s all work together for the common good of everyone that lives in our neighborhoods.Yes…we may be unorthodox, but we believe there is more to be proud about in our communities, than there is to complain about...

Cairo Qween is bringing augmented reality, robotics and innovation forefront for the City of Atlanta in partnership with Digistar Solutions Founder/CEO Kelvin Thom. Join #TeamATL #UrbanTechFair (pictured: this-tech-artist-co-op-is-transforming-abandoned-atlanta-neighborhoods-into-prime-real estate)

Jacksonville, FL

Blacksonville Founder Jermyn Shannon El along with Van Lewis lead Jacksonville, FL in a dynamic Urban Tech Fair. Join #TeamJacksonville #UrbanTechFair

Los Angeles

Brad Carson

Serving as City Leader for the Los Angeles for the dynamic LA UTF. Join #TeamLA #UrbanTechFair

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Inventor Innovator Farries Maxwell serves as Chicago City Leader. MOBE and Real Men Cook Founder, Yvette Moyo serves as Advisor. Join #TeamChicago #UrbanTechFair

Las Vegas

David Jett

It's official, the City of Las Vegas is in the Urban Tech Fair mix! David Jett serves as the City Leader. Join #TeamLasVegas #UrbanTechFair

New York City (NYC)

Hassan Shareef | Dallas Bell

Hassan Shareef and North Jersey BDPA President, Dallas Bell serve as City Leaders for New York City [NYC].  Join #TeamNYC #UrbanTechFair

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Enid Doggett

Enid Doggett lead the DMV Urban Tech Fair serving the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Join #TeamDMV #UrbanTechFair

Ohio Kentucky Indiana (OKI)

Hershel Daniels / Jason Moore

Cincinatti base city and sponsored by the FAU (Friend of the African Union); Mr. Daniels serves as Regional Leader for Ohio, Kentucky, and Inidana while Jason Moore of United For Action acts as Co-City Leader for Cincinatti. Join the #TeamOKI #UrbanTechFair.

Philadelphia (Philly) / Lehigh Valley

Eileen Gadsen | Norm Bond | Vincent Kee

Philly and the Leigh Valley team up to hold simultaneous Urban Tech Fairs in Pennsylvania! Philadelphia BDPA President Eileen Gadsen and Norm Bond serve as the core team for the City of Philadelphia and Vincent Kee leads the Leigh Valley. Join #TeamPhilly #UrbanTechFair

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