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More Participating Cities

Proving that Innovation . Talent . Resources (Silicon Valley) exist in our OWN backyards

Let’s all work together for the common good of everyone that lives in our neighborhoods.Yes…we may be unorthodox, but we believe there is more to be proud about in our communities, than there is to complain about...

Bay Area

David Muhammad

Video Producer, David Muhammad who also acts as the UTF Art 'N Tech Team Leader, leds California's Bay Area. Join #TeamBayArea #UrbanTechFair

In partnership with IBSA, Inc. and it's Street University division, W. Lazone Grays, Jr. leads Kansas City with an emphasis on youth and small business development. Join #TeamKansasCity #UrbanTechFair


Andrew Williams, Jr.

Andrew Williams, Jr. leds Bermuda. Join #TeamBermuda #UrbanTechFair

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In partnership with the Essex County Urban League, Glenn Best leads Newark, NJ. Join #TeamNewark #UrbanTechFair

The dynamic duo LaDonna Jasey and Rita Moore led Richmond, VA with a focus on public access tv, small business development, and education. Join #TeamRichmond #UrbanTechFair


Pictured: Jackson Ward is a historically African-American neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, USA. After the American Civil War, previously free blacks joined freed slaves and their descendants and created a thriving African-American business community, and became known as the "Black Wall Street of America."

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson leads the City of Seattle for the Urban Tech Fair. Join #TeamSeattle #UrbanTechFair

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