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...Endorses the Urban Tech Fair...

IBSA, Inc...

The concept of hosting Urban Tech Fairs is one of the most important activities we can be a part of hosting in communities we know will be left behind the tech-evolution. As they say "if not us, who?" To talk about 'community empowerment' and not act on those words is almost like a 'dereliction of duty.' With technology moving ahead so fast, it does not take rocket science to understand the necessity of keeping focus on education and impact.


Our agency, IBSA, Inc. at supports the provision of access to technology that assist low income individuals reach self-sufficiency and understand the importance it has in reaching young people in these neighborhoods. Our Streets University division at is excited to play whatever role we can in assuring initiatives like the Urban Tech Fair can be utilized to help educate them on their potential and the occupations that will be available to them today, tomorrow and beyond.


This is why such a concept is both valuable and timely; and considering all the talk, it the actions taken which is why the Urban Tech Fair should be endorsed by community leaders nationwide.


Lazone Gray, Jr.


iUrban Teen  Tech Program...

The Urban Tech Fair is such an amazing and valuable resource. The information and assistance shared helps our iUrban Teen Tech program strive. We're honored to be a part of the Urban Tech Fair community.


Deena Pierott

iUrban Teen Tech Program

Norm Bond & Associates...

The Urban Tech Fairs is an idea whose time has come. It combines technology, community engagement and entrepreneurship and presents a powerful opportunity to shape our destiny. It is this type of forward thinking that can help empower America's urban centers and the people in them.


Norm Bond

Norm Bond & Associates

National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD)

Bonnie Bracey Sutton

The digital divide continues to be a problem especially for minority communities. There is a tool divide, a professional development divide, lack of broadband and an information divide. Urban Tech Fair is one way of creating equity.


Bonnie Bracey Sutton

Teacher / Agent of Change

Urban Tech Fair Education Czar

Red Idris...

A progressive plan of action involves Americans taking control of their education and economic future. Urban Tech Fair recognizes that America's current and next economic revolution involves the understanding and business development within the information technological age. With that knowledge, Urban Tech Fair is ensuring that people of African descent and people of color in America are not displaced or marginalized as consumers and non-producers during this boon. They are, instead, ensuring the education, participation and business development within the information technology sector. This is why Red ibis endorses the national movement of Urban Tech Fairs.


Deidra R. McIntyre

Founder / CEO

Digipreneur Endorses the Urban Tech Fair


Jermyn Shannon El

Founder / CEO

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